Partners in Business Growth

Supporting businesses through investment & development opportunities.

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Investing in Growth, Innovation & Development.

Nene Group acts as a central platform for expanding our three core avenues.

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Nene Ventures

For new and existing businesses looking for investment to elevate their brand and initiate ideas.

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NWS group

Explore our core companies to see how the investment can create exponential growth opportunities

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Nene Property

Explore our core companies to see how the investment can create exponential growth opportunities

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Providing A Supportive
Platform For Long Term Growth.

Our collaborative group of industry experts are helping businesses achieve their ambitions – creating a sustainable solution for development on every scale and within every sector. With a focus on partnering with aspiring individuals looking to improve tomorrow through the ideas and decisions they make today.

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Connecting Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs
With Today’s Biggest Partners.

Our vision and mission are clear: to bring the right skills together so ideas thrive and people succeed.

What We Aim to Achieve.

To grow sustainability and collaboratively create a platform where businesses and people excel.

How We’ll Do It.

By transforming industry standards through leadership, guidance, and innovation for a better future

We’re Continuously Seeking Talented Individuals to Expand our Team.

Joining the Nene Group means joining a team where people are our strength. We foster an environment that values diversity, encourages professional growth, and prioritises well-being.

We welcome CVs from anyone interested in pursuing a career with us.

Who We Work With.

Property Developers

We acquire, develop and optimise land for commercial use, transforming unused spaces into profitable business premises, opportunities for investors or practical services for the community.

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Businesses Looking For Investment

We’re committed to supporting the next generation of ground-breaking entrepreneurs, providing opportunities, investment and the foundations you need to get started and grow quickly.

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We Have a Strong Set of Core Values.


We believe in fostering a family culture that extends to our team, portfolio of clients and business partners.


We support and champion a wide range of industries, ideas and perspectives within our family of brands.


We’re committed to a better tomorrow through the investments and choices we make today.


We embrace change, encourage disruptive thinking, and are constantly seeking out new opportunities.

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